Mothers of animals Are Helping People Get Food During the Coronavirus Pandemic

"MOTHERS OF ANIMALS not only care animals, they also care humans"

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best and the worst in society. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting tens of thousands of people in different ways, including loss of work and a lack of medical care and food supplies. The outbreak has had a significant impact, including the elderly and children and most importantly on the People on the roadside. Mothers of animals is helping the people who are affected during this COVID-19 Crisis with utmost care.

This Crisis has affected lots of people some by their regular job and some people are not even getting proper food.Mothers of animals is helping people who got affected during this crisis by offering them food and essentials.Apart from money,this outbreak has led some many people in need of food essentials.So this will indoubtely help those people to get better.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, everyone is requested to stay indoors.But those people who are tirelessly work without proper food working overnight in order to serve public are definitely to be appreciated.At this time,they dont even get time to have food .So Mothers of animalas are offering those people from Police to Sanitation Workers.This will definitely encourage those relentlessly working and stay motivated.